Residential Design & Build Process

Experience the painless residential renovation, remodeling and design and build process engineered by Capnovate Construction, New Jersey’s best certified 203k general contractor.

  • design Design
    Step 1
    • Phase One: Conceptual and Budget Feasibility

      The intent of phase one is to explore design and material options enabling us to develop a conceptual plan and recommended budget for the proposed project.

      • We will interview the client to assess their needs and take detailed measurements of the proposed space to be renovated.
      • We will provide one or more design options to be presented in the form of conceptual floor plans.
      • Plans will show general changes in room design including new doors, windows, added space and changed wall configurations.
      • Cabinets and countertops will be laid out including appliances and fixture locations. Specialty built-in items will be included on the concept plans.
      • A recommended budget will be provided including cabinets, counter tops, fixtures, flooring, and remodeling labor. Final pricing is subject to completion of detailed plans and specifications. We will only move to phase two once a conceptual plan and budget are agreed to.
    • Phase Two: Detailed Design Development

      The intent of phase two is to move the conceptual design into detailed plans, 3D models, and specifications from which a final proposal can be presented.

      • Final plans will include a detailed floor showing all structural and non-structural changes to the proposed space.
      • Detailed layouts for cabinets, countertops, appliances, fixtures, and specialty built-in items will be included.
      • A mechanical plan will be provided which will include electrical and lighting design.
      • We will also present your final plans in elevations, perspectives, or 3D models to give you a realistic view of your newly designed space.
      • All local building and zoning requirements will be investigated.
      • Specifications will include details on all products selected and a written agreement clearly defining scope of work to be provided.
      • Tentative schedule dates are secured upon entering phase two design.
      • Fees for our design services are based upon the size and complexity of the project.
  • pre-icon2 Preconstruction
    Step 2
      • Finalize selections, confirm, and pre-order all materials. This insures no delays during construction.
      • All required Building Permits are obtained.
      • Preconstruction hand-off meeting.
      • Meet your project’s” Build-Team”- The Project Manager, Lead Carpenter, and Production Manager. The key players review all details of the project with you.
      • We discuss life during construction and any additional special considerations we need to be aware of while working on your home.
      • Review your copy of the project schedule with the production team. This enables you to follow all day to day activities for the full duration of your project.
  • pre-icon3 Build
    Step 3
      • We guarantee the price and the schedule.
      • We respect your home and keep it clean and safe to leave you with a wonderful finished project.
      • We will do our best to minimize disruption and inconvenience.
      • No additional work is performed without signed approval.
      • We remain committed to the project until it is complete.
      • No final payment is made until all final inspections are received and your project is 100% complete.
      • Time to enjoy your new space!

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