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It’s a common problem. Homeowners in River Edge, NJ, need extra space, but they don’t want to have to live their neighborhood or their existing home. Capnovate Construction is here to show that it’s not the only option available. Whether you want more living space, storage space, or a hobby or work area, working with your local home additions contractor could be the much preferable, convenient, and sometimes more affordable solution.


We’ve worked with plenty of homeowners throughout River Edge and the greater New Jersey area to complete the additions that can make their home suit all their needs. Projects we could help with include:


  • Single story additions
  • Second story additions
  • Prefabricated rooms
  • Kitchen add-ons
  • Bathroom add-ons
  • Patio/sunroom additions
  • And more


We take a flexible approach to projects, seeing the potential of your home and where we could make the most difference based primarily on your needs.


The benefits of a home addition


There are few advantages of building a home addition better than the space it can add. Whether you want a new bedroom, additional storage space, an office, or simply to add some breathing room to an existing space, it’s the most effective way to add the footprint your home needs.


However, otherwise, there are also the benefits of the potential savings that could be made on adding additional space when compared to moving home. Furthermore, that additional space works just as well as an investment, with real potential to increase the value of the property significantly.


Our Process


If you need a home additions contractor in River Edge, NJ, then Capnovate could be just the team that you need. We start by looking at your property, your needs, and the different options available to you. By combining the property potential with your practical and lifestyle aims, we can recommend the additions best suited to you and your home.


Our budgeting is kept transparent and reliable all throughout the process, so you always have a good idea of the costs to expect. Furthermore, our team is used to working to the building codes and zoning ordinances in New Jersey, so we can ensure as few problems with the red tape as possible. Whether you’re looking to extend an existing house or you want us to help you bring out the full potential of a future purchase, we’re glad to help.


Why Capnovate Construction?


We are a local family-owned business of New Jersey contractors that have built a strong reputation for reliable work, honest pricing, and excellent service. We specialize in efficient remodeling, creative design configurations, and the kind of attention to detail that makes sure that no detail goes missed by our team.


If you have any questions or concerns, or you simply want to get started on your addition today, we’re more than glad to hear from you. Get in touch with Capnovate Construction today on (201) 380-1117 or email us on [email protected] and we will do what we can to help.

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