Home Additions in Ridgewood, NJ

You don’t have to leave your home in Ridgewood, NJ, to benefit from a little extra space. In fact, buying a new home and moving might be the less cost-effective option available. If you’re in need of that extra room, whether it’s for storage, for an office, for another bedroom, or otherwise, partnering with a home additions contractor might be just the solution that you need. Capnovate is here to show you how.

During our home additions projects, we will help you look at your property’s potential and the different solutions possible. This can include a wide range of ground floor and two-story additions. From rooms added over the garage to extensions on kitchens and bathrooms, patio additions, sunroom additions, new modular rooms and more, we will work with you to find the option that suits you best.  


Our Process

The team at Capnovate has helped residents of Ridgewood and all throughout New Jersey help complete the home of their dreams with a range of different addition projects available. We can help assess the addition potential of the home, help you look over the different options, and get the work underway when you’re happy with your choice. We can help homeowners get the space they need in their existing home, as well as working with those buying a home who have big post-purchase plans for the property.


Making sure your additions fit your needs

With the experience we have of helping Ridgewood, NJ homeowners complete the home of their dreams, we know that the most important factor is ensuring that we understand your goals and how to reach them. We take a look at your space, your functional needs, and lifestyle preferences to ensure that we know the right way to approach your property. We’re also familiar with the zoning ordinances and building codes affecting property renovations and additions in New Jersey, so we can help you get through the official business that can often slow a project down.


Why invest in home additions?

  • More space for your home and the choice to do what you want with it
  • Add a new bedroom for a growing family, whether it’s a child on the way, or a space for the mother-in-law
  • Add more storage space to your home to cut down on the clutter
  • Potential savings to be made when compared to moving home
  • Increasing the square footage of a house is the most reliable way to increase its value


Why Capnovate Construction?

Our team brings the experience, expertise, and dedication to professional service that has helped many homeowners in Ridgewood, NJ, complete the house of their dreams. We’ve worked hard to build the track record and reputation of high-quality work, minimal disruption, and fair pricing we enjoy amongst all our New Jersey customers. If you want to learn more about making an addition to your home, we will gladly answer any queries and concerns you might have for us.

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