7 Things to know about Dumpster Rentals in NJ

There may be many reasons as to why you need a dumpster rental in NJ, whether it’s for renovation projects or wanting to get rid of some clutter before moving properties.

Whatever that reason may be, there are some things worth knowing about dumpster rentals before you go renting one. Here are ten things to know about dumpster rentals in NJ.


1. How long do you need a Dumpster Rental for?

With most rental dumpsters, you’ve got the ability to use the dumpster for several days. This can be really handy when it comes to larger projects on your home whereby you’ll need to hold onto the dumpster for a little longer. That means less panicking about getting everything out and into the dumpster in time for collection.

2. Exactly when do you need it?

Before you go renting out a dumpster, it’s best to know exactly when you need it and how long you’ll need it for. As mentioned above, you can get dumpsters that you keep for several days or you may only want it on your property for several hours. It’s all dependent on what its use is and how quickly you’re able to get the required debris and contents into the dumpster itself.

You want to be specific on these, especially when how long to keep it as you don’t want it hanging around your property for too long. Some passersby might use it as an opportunity to use it as their own bin, which can cause problems.

3. What size dumpster should you rent?

Size is important because you don’t want to find you haven’t enough space to throw out all your clutter. That being said, you also don’t want something that’s too big. Try to estimate how much you’ll chuck.

4. Break down anything that takes up space

In order to utilize the dumpster, be sure to break down anything that is likely to take up a lot of space. You want to be able to get the most out of your dumpster rental and so breaking down any boxes or furniture can be handy to do so before it arrives so that it’s ready to just throw in. It saves you a bit of time and effort for when it does arrive.

5. Consider everything needed to throw out

When it comes to picking everything that you want to throw into the dumpster, it’s worth making a list. That way, you’re not going to forget anything that you later find difficult to dispose of and it’s good to keep track of what’s being thrown and what’s remaining, especially when it comes to doing a clear out when moving properties. You may also come across companies that want you to put different forms of trash into different dumpsters.

6. Pick a spot for it to go on your property

When renting out a dumpster, make sure you pick a spot where it’s going to be convenient for you, especially if it’s there for several days. It’s a pretty heavy thing to move and not something you will likely be able to do without the right machinery.

7. Understand what can’t go into the dumpsters

It’s important that you get clarification over what can and what can’t be put into the dumpster rentals. If you put anything in that can’t be taken, they may ask you to remove it and that could likely take some effort and time if you’ve placed a few items in there that shouldn’t be in the dumpster.

These tips should help make your dumpster rental experience a lot easier and enjoyable overall!


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