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Have you outgrown your home and are looking for Add a Level NJ services? You have two choices: you can move out and find a larger home, or include a 2nd story level to your current house. The second option is always much better; it is more economical than moving, and you get to keep all the good things you like about your present house and area.

We at Capnovate Construction offer custom house building services. Our services consist of second-story additions. If you ever need to add a level in NJ, here are some reasons you need to call us first.

Professional, Customized Solutions

Capnovate Construction is a fully vetted and reliable construction company. We work carefully and personally with our clients to give them the very best results.

We will first try to choose your mind on precisely what you desire when you get in touch with us. We then schedule a home visitation to analyze your home’s structure and figure out whether it can hold the weight of a second-story level.

From licenses to developing policies, we handle whatever for you. We will then work together to come up with an ideal second-story design that finest matches your preferences.

Advantages of a 2nd Story Addition

There are lots of benefits of adding a 2nd story to your present home. Here, we will focus on the most apparent ones:

More Living Space

The greatest advantage of adding a 2nd story to your home is that it doubles your living space over night. Expecting a new child? Want more space to entertain guests? Adding a level is the perfect service.

Worth Addition

Any type of house remodeling always increases the residential or commercial property’s value. By adding a level, you can increase your home’s worth by 30-60%.

No Need to Move

Adding a second story will save you the trouble of moving, which would need you to discover another appropriate community and basically go back to square one.

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